Saturday, June 28, 2008


This will be my last post for awhile. My mom passed away this morning in Thunder Bay, Ont. She was born on April 1, 1921. her husband , Hugh passed away on December 10 of 2000. She was healthy right to the end and died peacefully. I will miss hr terribly as will our whole family. God speed mom.
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Monday, June 23, 2008

Fwd: Fw: Home Depot Scam

Home Depot scam... be careful . A 'heads up' for those men who may be regular Home Depot customers.

Over the last month I became a victim of a clever scam while out shopping. Simply going out to get supplies has turned out to be quite
traumatic. Don't be naive enough to think it couldn't happen to you or your friends. Here's how the scam works:

Two seriously good-looking 20-21 year-old girls come over to your car as you are packing your shopping into the trunk. They both start
wiping your windshield with a rag and Windex, with their breasts almost falling out of their skimpy T-shirts. It is impossible not to look.
When you thank them and offer them a tip, they say 'No' and instead ask you for a ride to another Home Depot.
You agreeand they get in the backseat. On the way, they start undressing. Then one of them climbs over into the front seat and starts crawling all over you, while the other one steals your wallet. I had my wallet stolen on March 4th, 9th, 10th, twice on the 15th, 17th, 20th, & 24th 29th. Also April 1st, 4th, twice on the 8th, 16th, 23rd, 26th, 30th, and three times last Saturday and very likely again this upcoming weekend.

So........... tell your friends to be careful!

P.S.: Walmart has wallets on sale 2.99 each.

Friday, June 13, 2008

ways to maintain healty insanity

Ways to Maintain A Healthy Level of Insanity. 

 At Lunch Time, Sit In Your Parked Car With Sunglasses on and point a Hair Dryer At Passing Cars. See If They Slow Down. 

Page Yourself Over The Intercom. Don't Disguise Your Voice.

Every Time Someone Asks You To Do Something, Ask If They Want Fries with that. 

Put Your Garbage Can On Your Desk And Label It "In." 

 Put Decaf In The Coffee Maker For 3 Weeks Once Everyone has Gotten Over Their Caffeine Addictions,Switch to E spresso. 

 In The Memo Field Of All Your Checks, Write " For Smuggling Diamonds" 

 Finish All Your sentences with "In Accordance With The Prophecy."

 Dont use any punctuation 

 As Often As Possible, Skip Rather Than Walk. 

Order a Diet Water whenever you go out to eat, with a serious face. 

 Specify That Your Drive-through Order Is "To Go." 

Sing Along At The Opera. 

 Go To A Poetry Recital And Ask Why The Poems Don't Rhyme? 

 Put Mosquito Netting Around Your Work Area And Play tropical Sounds All Day. 

 Five Days In Advance, Tell Your Friends You Can't Attend Their Party Because You're Not In The Mood. 

 Have Your Co-workers Address You By Your Wrestling Name, Rock Bottom. 

 When The Money Comes Out The ATM, Scream "I Won!, I Won!" 

When Leaving The Zoo, Start Running Towards The Parking lot, Yelling 
"Run For Your Lives,
 They're Loose!!" 

Tell Your Children Over Dinner. "Due To The Economy, We Are Going To Have To Let One Of You Go." 

And The Final Way To Keep A Healthy Level Of Insanity.......

Send This E-mail To Someone To Make Them Smile. 
Its Called .......

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fwd: Fw: The Sneeze




                     Subject: The Sneeze

They walked in tandem, each of the ninety-two students filing into the 
already crowded auditorium. 
With their rich maroon gowns flowing and the traditional caps, they looked 
almost ... as grown up as they felt. 
Dads swallowed hard behind broad smiles, and Moms freely brushed away tears. 
This class would NOT PRAY during the commencements----not by choice, 
but because of a recent court ruling prohibiting it. 
The principal and several students were careful to stay within the 
guidelines allowed by the ruling. 
They gave inspirational and challenging speeches, but no one mentioned 
divine guidance and 
no one asked for blessings on the graduates or their families. 
The speeches were nice, but they were routine......until the final speech 
received a standing ovation. 
A solitary student walked proudly to the microphone. He stood still and 
silent for just a moment,  and then, it happened. 

All 92 students, every single one of them, suddenly SNEEZED!!!  

The student on stage...simply looked at the audience and said, 'GOD BLESS YOU,
each and every one of you!' And he walked off stage... 

The audience exploded into applause. This graduating class had found a 
unique way to invoke God's blessing on their future with or without the court's 

Isn't this a wonderful story? Pass it on to all your friends.........and GOD 
This is a true story; it happened at the University of Maryland.










Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sheriff Joe is at it again

Subject: Sheriff Joe is at it again

You all remember Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona , who painted the jail cells pink and made the inmates wear pink prison garb. Well.........


Oh, there's MUCH more to know about Sheriff Joe!

Maricopa County was spending approx. $18 million dollars a year on stray animals, like cats and dogs. Sheriff Joe offered to take the department over, and the County Supervisors said okay.

The animal shelters are now all staffed and operated by prisoners. They feed and care for the strays. Every animal in his care is taken out and walked twice daily. He now has prisoners who are experts in animal nutrition and behavior. They give great classes for anyone who'd like to adopt an animal. He has literally taken stray dogs off the street, given them to the care of prisoners, and had them place in dog shows.

The best part? His budget for the entire department is now under $3 million. Teresa and I adopted a Weimaraner from a Maricopa County shelter two years ago. He was neutered, and current on all shots, in great health, and even had a microchip inserted the day we got him. Cost us $78.
The prisoners get the benefit of about $0.28 an hour for working, but most would work for free, just to be out of their cells for the day. Most of his budget is for utilities, building maintenance, etc. He pays the prisoners out of the fees collected for adopted animals.

I have long wondered when the rest of the country would take a look at the way he runs the jail system, and copy some of his ideas. He has a huge farm, donated to the county years ago, where inmates can work, and they grow most of their own fresh vegetables and food, doing all the work and harvesting by hand. He has a pretty good sized hog farm, which provides meat, and fertilizer. It fertilizes the Christmas tree nursery, where prisoners work, and you can buy a living Christmas tree for $6 - $8 for the Holidays, and plant it later. We have six trees in our yard from the Prison.

Yup, he was reelected last year with 83% of the vote.
Now he's in trouble with the ACLU again. He painted all his buses and vehicles with a mural, that has a special hotline phone number painted on it, where you can call and report suspected illegal aliens. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement wasn't doing enough in his eyes, so he had 40 deputies trained specifically for enforcing immigration laws, started up his hotline, and bought 4 new buses just for hauling folks back to the border. He's kind of a 'Git-R Dun' kind of Sheriff.




Sheriff Joe Arpaio (In Arizona ) who created the ' Tent City Jail':
He has jail meals down to 40 cents a serving and charges the inmates for them.

He stopped smoking and porno magazines in the jails. Took away their weights Cut off all but 'G' movies.

He started chain gangs so the inmates could do free work on county and city projects.

Then He Started Chain Gangs For Women So He Wouldn't Get
Sued For Discrimination.

He took away cable TV Until he found out there was A Federal Court Order that Required Cable TV For Jails So He Hooked Up The Cable TV Again Only Let In The Disney Channel And The Weather Channel.

When asked why the weather channel He Replied, So They Will Know How Hot It's Gonna Be While They Are Working
ON My Chain Gangs.

He Cut Off Coffee Since It Has Zero Nutritional Value.

When the inmates complained, he told them, 'This Isn't The Ritz/Carlton.....If You Don't Like It, Don't Come Back.'

He bought Newt Gingrich's lecture series on videotape that he pipes into the jails.

When asked by a reporter if he had any lecture series by a Democrat, he replied that a democratic lecture series might explain why a lot of the inmates were in his jails in the first place.

More On The Arizona Sheriff:

With Temperatures Being Even Hotter Than Usual In Phoenix (116 Degrees Just Set A New Record), the Associated Press Reports:
About 2,000 Inmates Living In A Barbed-Wire-Surrounded Tent Encampment At The Maricopa County Jail Have Been Given Permission To Strip Down To Their Government-Issued
Pink Boxer Shorts.

On Wednesday, hundreds of men wearing boxers were either curled up on their bunk beds or chatted in the tents, which reached
138 Degrees Inside The Week Before.

Many Were Also Swathed In Wet, Pink Towels As Sweat Collected On Their Chests And Dripped Down To Their PINK SOCKS.

'It Feels Like We Are In A Furnace,' Said James Zanzot, An Inmate Who Has Lived In The TENTS for 1 year. 'It's Inhumane.'

Joe Arpaio, the tough-guy sheriff who created the tent city and long ago started making his prisoners wear pink, and eat bologna sandwiches, is not one bit sympathetic. He said Wednesday that he told all of the inmates: 'It's 120 Degrees In Iraq And Our Soldiers Are Living In Tents Too, And They Have To Wear Full Battle Gear,
But They Didn't Commit Any Crimes,So Shut Your Mouths!'

Way To Go, Sheriff!

Maybe if all prisons were like this one there would be a lot less crime and/or repeat offenders. Criminals should be punished for their crimes - not live in luxury until it's time for their parole, only to go out and commit another crime so they can get back in to live on taxpayers money and enjoy things taxpayers can't afford to have for themselves.

Sheriff Joe was just reelected Sheriff in Maricopa County, Arizona